About The Worthy People Project


The Worthy People Project tells the stories of everyday people
so every person can know their worth. 

Because every life has worth  

These stories are told through various mediums from music to interviews to non-fiction narrative to letters. Because not every story can be told the same way.

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About "The Apple Tree"

In 2014, I began a program in our local detention center entitled, "Your Story / Your Song" in which I met one-on-one with a detainee over a period of time hearing their story and encouraging them in the writing process.

The first person I worked with was Bridget Huisman for whom I wrote the title track of this EP, "The Apple Tree." The four songs in this collection tell the story of people who find themselves in the muck, mire and margins of life. They are everyday people who feel their stories don't matter, but when told through a melody take on an unexpected significance.

This work is dedicated to them.

The Story of The Apple Tree

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Thank you

In a noisy world it feels like a huge deal to be heard by even one person, so thank you for listening. Thanks also to the many donors who made this labor of love possible! Enjoy unlimited listening on this website. If you'd like to take the music with you a download is available for a small fee (click the album artwork for redirect).

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